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Highest Mountain Ranges In Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Gilgit Baltistan, with its scenic beauty, is the center of mountain tourism in Pakistan. Gilgit-Baltistan is a paradise for mountaineers, trekkers, climbers, nature lovers and hikers. Let’s explore the highest nountain ranges In Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

18 Of the 50 highest mountain peaks and 3 of the seven longest glaciers in the country, it is situated in Gilgit Baltistan. level, such as the northern and western mountains. Five of the world’s fourteen mountains taller than 8,000 meters (“eight-thousanders”) are in Pakistan, four of which are near Concordia.

Many of the high peaks of Pakistan are situated in the Karakoram Range, the highest of which is K2 8611 meters long (8,611 meters (28,251 ft)), the second-highest peak on earth. The highest mountain in Pakistan’s Himalayan range is Nanga Parbat (8,126 meters (26,660 ft), which is the world’s ninth-highest peak.

The Karakoram Mountain Range

The Karakoram Range occupies the boundaries in the regions of Gilgit-Baltistan-Pakistan, Ladakh-India, and Xinjiang-China, between Pakistan, India and China. The range is about 500 km long and is bounded by the edge of the Tibetan Plateau on the northeast, and by the Pamir Mountains on the north.

The Karakoram ‘s southern boundary is formed, west to east, by the Gilgit, Indus, and Shyok Rivers, separating the range from the northwest end of the Himalayan range. The Karakoram range has over 60 peaks, over 7,000 meters (22,960 ft).

This range includes K-2, which is the world’s second-highest peak at 8,611 m (28,251 ft). A team from across Europe first attempted to climb K2 in 1856. Thomas Montgomerie, a member of this team, named this peak “K2,” as it was the second in order in the Karakoram range.

K1 (Masherbrum), K3 (Broad Peak), K4 (Gasherbrum II) and K5 (Gasherbrum I) are the other five peaks. The Siachen Glacier at 70 km and the Biafo Glacier at 63 km rank out of the polar regions as the second and third longest glaciers in the world. Because of its scenery, its lakes, and surroundings, the range has always been one of the most liked mountain ranges by mountaineers and trekkers from around the world.

Highest Mountain Ranges In Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
The Karakorum Mountains

In 1954, a Prof. ArditoDesio-led Italian expedition successfully went for the first ascent of the extremely fierce K-2 peak. The pioneers to get to the K-2 summit were Mr. LinoLecedelli and Archille’s companions, scaling through the Abruzzi range.

In 1974 the region was opened for general mountaineering and trekking, and since then every year a large number of expeditions arrive at the Karakoram. So many mountaineers from various countries have scaled K-2 to date.

They ‘re among world-renowned and prominent mountaineers like Reinhold Messner etc. Some a total of 100 expeditions entering the Karakoram per year.

A fair number of foreigners as well as Pakistani mountaineers have so far scaled many Karakoram Range high peaks, and there are so many many towering peaks that remain unscaled in pursuit of the daring ones.

The Himalayan Mountain Range

The mountain range of the Himalayas is almost 2400 km long and exists in four separate countries: Nepal, Bhutan, China and India. The Himalayan Mountain Range, situated in Gilgit Baltistan’s Astore district.
In addition, in the west, the giant mountain also owns the Nanga Parbat killer mountains.

Nanga Parbat considers the world’s ninth highest mountain and Pakistan’s second-highest mountain. It is nearly 8,126 m tall. Ninth highest in the world and the “killer” Nanga Parbat mountain is the westernmost anchor of the western Himalayas.

The area comprises the regions of Kashmir, Kaghan, Kohistan, Deosai and Chitral. This range is also dominated by Deosai plains which exist at an altitude of about 4500 m. Such plains blossom in the summer months full of flowers offering very beautiful scenery. The monsoon also blesses the area, and the climbing season is in summer. Winter climbing has also begun somewhat recently.

The Hindu Kush Mountain Range

Based in northwest Pakistan, the 966 km long Hindukush Mountain Range straddles both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Most parts of the high Hindu Kush range are located in northern Pakistan and Afghanistan (Eastern Hindu Kush range).

This range is also present in Northern Areas of Pakistan in Ghizar, Yasin Valley, and Ishkoman. The highest point in the Hindu Kush range is the Tirich Mir (7,690 meters or 25,230 feet), located in Chitral (25,289 ft). Noshaq located at the Pak Afghan border is Hindukush Range ‘s second-highest peak and is considered Afghanistan ‘s highest peak.

Southwest of Pamirs rises the Hindukush. It is considered to extend from Wakhjir pass at the Pamirs and Karakoram junctions to Khawak pass North of Kabul. Its first area extends from the pass of Wakhjir which separates Hunza from Wakhan. Its second region in Afghanistan lies beyond the Dorah Pass.

The third zone lies in Pakistan, expanding into the regions of Swat and Kohistan. To the North the mighty Indus River separates it from the Karakoram.

Highest Mountain Ranges In Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
The Hindu Kush

British survey teams had tried to climb Tirchmir and the area’s other summits dating from 1927. However, it was scaled in 1950, by a Norwegian expedition consisting of nationals from different countries along with Pakistanis.
Other area summits were scaled later, i.e., in the 1960s and 1970s.

While nearly all the peaks in the Hindukush above 7000 m have already been scaled, he continues to attract mountaineers and nature lovers. Other adventure tourism activities such as trekking and jeep safaris have recently seen a considerable rise in the region.

Additionally, Pakistan has hundreds of peaks over 7000 meters above sea level. Other than the Karakorum, the Hindu Kush, the Himalayas. Have a look.

Highest Mountains of Pakistan
No. Mountain Height M Range Group District
1 K2 / Chogori 8611 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
2 Nanga Parbat 8125 Himalaya Diamir Diamir
3 Gasherbrum I / Hidden Peak 8068 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
4 Broad Peak / Falchan Kangri 8047 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
5 Gasherbrum II 8035 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
6 Gasherbrum III 7952 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
7 Gasherbrum IV 7925 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
8 Distaghil Sar Main 7885 Karakoram Hisper Gilgit
9 Kunyang Chhish Main 7852 Karakoram Hisper Gilgit
10 Masherbrum NE / K1 7821 Karakoram Bagrot Gilgit
11 Rakaposhi / Domani 7788 Karakoram Bagrot Gilgit
12 Batura I 7785 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
13 Batura II 7762 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
14 Distaghil Sar II 7760 Karakoram Hisper Gilgit
15 Kanjut Sar I 7760 Karakoram Hisper Gilgit
16 Masherbrum W 7750 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
17 Saltoro Kangri I 7742 Karakoram Saltoro Ganche
18 Batura III 7729 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
19 Trivor / Peak 8 7720 Karakoram Hisper Gilgit
20 Tirich Mir 7708 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
21 Saser Kangri I 7672 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
22 Chogolisa I SW/E 7665 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
23 Chogolisa II NE 7654 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
24 Yukshin Garden Sar 7641 Karakoram Hisper Gilgit
25 Kunyang Chhich S 7620 Karakoram Hisper Gilgit
26 Shishpar Sar 7611 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
27 Batura IV 7594 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
28 Skyang Kangri I 7544 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
29 Batura V 7531 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
30 Yakshin Garden I 7530 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
31 Mamostong Kangri 7516 Karakoram Soltoro Ganche
32 Saser Kangri E 7513 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
33 Tirich Mir W II 7500 Hindukush Chitral
33 Skyang Kangri II 7500 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
34 Kunyang Chhish W 7500 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
35 Saser Kangri II W 7500 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
36 Saser Kangri III 7495 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
37 Pumari Chhish W 7492 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
38 Tirich Mir West I 7487 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
39 Pasu Massive M 7478 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
40 K 12 7469 Karakoram Soltoro Ganche
41 Teram Kangri I 7463 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
43 Muchu Chhish 7453 Karakoram Batura Gigit
44 Malubiting W 7453 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
45 Pumari Chhish N 7440 Karakoram Hisper Gilgit
46 Yaghil Dome S 7440 Karakoram Hisper Gilgit
47 Sia Kangri I N 7422 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
48 Haramosh I 7409 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
49 Teram Kangri II 7406 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
50 Istro-Nal Main 7403 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
51 Tirich Mir West III 7400 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
52 Kunyang Chhish E 7400 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
53 Pumari Chhish S 7400 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
54 Yazghil Dome N 7400 Karakoram Hisper Gilgit
55 Ultar Sar I 7388 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
53 Rimo S I Peak 51 7385 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
54 Teram Kangri III 7382 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
55 Sherpi Kangri I Main 7380 Karakoram Saltoro Ganche
56 Istro-Nal (North I) 7373 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
57 Rimo S II Peak 50 7373 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
58 Istro-Nal (North II) 7372 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
59 Sherpi Kangri II 7370 Karakoram Saltoro Ganche
60 Istro-Nal (North III) 7365 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
61 Skil Burm 7360 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
62 Skyng Kangri M 7357 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
63 Karun Kuh 7350 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
64 Kunyang Chhish W 7350 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
65 Pumari Chhish S 7350 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
65 Saragharar Main 7349 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
66 Skyang Kangri W 7345 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
67 Momhil Sar / Peak – 7 7343 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
68 Saraghrar Central 7330 Hindukush Hindukush Gilgit
69 Yutmaru Sar S 7330 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
70 Bojohagur Duanasir 7329 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
71 Sia Kangri II/E 7325 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
72 Yazghil Domes S 7324 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
73 Gasherbrum V 7321 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
74 Kunyang Chhish SE 7320 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
75 Malanghutti 7320 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
76 Baltoro Kangri I 7312 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
77 Ultar Sar II 7310 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
78 Saragharar S 7307 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
79 Istro Nal South 7303 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
80 Istro Nal West I 7300 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
81 Saraghrar NW 7300 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
82 Baltoro Kangri III 7300 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
83 Urdok I 7300 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
84 Malubiting NW 7300 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
85 Yazghil Domes N 7300 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
86 Sherpi Kangri III 7300 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
87 Teram Kangri IV 7300 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
88 Malubiting Central 7291 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
89 Rakaposhi E 7290 Karakoram Bagrot Gilgit
90 Savoia Kangri 7286 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
91 Baintha Brakk / Orge 7285 Karakoram Panmah Skardu
92 Passu / Peak 55 7284 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
93 Pasu Massiv E 7284 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
94 K – 6 7282 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
95 Istro Nal West II 7280 Hidukush Hindukush Chitral
96 Baltoro Kangri III 7280 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
97 Istro Nal Northwest 7276 Hindukush Hindukush Citral
98 Golden Throne SE 7275 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
99 Golden Throne NW 7274 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
100 Diran / Minapin 7273 Karakoram Bagrot Gilgit
101 Mustagh Tower E 7273 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
102 Sia Kangri IV Central 7273 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
103 Golden Throne NE 7270 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
104 Mustagh Tower W 7270 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
105 Golden Throne SE 7265 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
106 Baltoro Kangri V 7260 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
107 Baltoro Kangri IV 7254 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
108 Saraghrar SW I 7250 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
109 Apsarasas I 7245 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
110 Apsarasas II 7239 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
111 Apsarasas III E 7336 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
112 Rimo II P 49 7233 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
113 Apsarasas IV 7227 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
114 Saraghrar SE I 7208 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
115 Mt. Rose / Singhi Kan 7202 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
116 Istro Nal X 7200 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
117 Saraghar SW II 7200 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
118 Urdok Kangri I 7200 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
119 Malubiting LC 7200 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
120 Bularang Sar 7200 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
121 Lugpahur Sar MD 7200 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
122 Laupghar Sar E 7200 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
123 Apsarasas V 7187 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
124 Apsarasas III E 7184 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
125 Apsarasas III W 7181 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
126 Mustagh Tower NW 7180 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
127 Rimo III 7169 Karakoram Siachen Gaunche
128 Kampir Dior 7168 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
129 Karun Koh 7164 Karakoram Khunjerab Gilgit
130 Hachindar Chish 7163 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
131 Yermanenbu Kangri 7163 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
132 Un Named / Masherbrum 7163 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
133 Un Named 7150 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
134 Depak 7150 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
135 Latok I 7145 Karakoram Panmah Skardu
136 Kampir Dior 7143 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
137 Gasherbrum V 7133 Karakoram Boltoro Skardu
138 ShaKawar 7125 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
139 Apsarasa S 7117 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
140 Koh Nadir Shah 7116 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
141 Udren Zom N 7108 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
142 Kunyang Chhish N 7108 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
143 Lagar Main 7100 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
144 Saraghrar SS 7100 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
145 Ghenta 7100 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
146 Lupghar II Central 7100 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
147 Yakshin Gardean I 7100 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
148 Sherpi Kangri 7100 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
149 Genta 7090 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
150 Urdok II 7082 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
150 Mandu PK 7081 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
151 Udren Zom Central 7080 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
152 Chogolisa Kangri I 7071 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
153 Langar SE 7061 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
154 Pyramid / Thyor 7058 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
155 Udren Zom S 7050 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
156 Link Sar 7041 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
157 Sraghrar N 7040 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
158 Spantik Ghenish Chish 7027 Karakoram Haramosh Skardu
159 Akber Chioh / Akher 7020 Hindukush Hindukush Chitral
160 Chogolisa Kangri II 7014 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
161 Rakaposhi E 7010 Karakoram Bagrot Gilgit
162 Malubiting E 7010 Karakoram Haramosh Gilgit
163 Gasherbrum VI 7004 Karakoram Baltoro Skardu
164 Sangemer Mar 7000 Karakoram Batura Gilgit
165 Lupghar Sar III E 7000 Karakoram Hispar Gilgit
166 Apsarasa E Un Named 7000 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
167 Chogolisa W Prupoo 7000 Karakoram Baltoro Ganche
168 Ghent III 7000 Karakoram Siachen Ganche
169 Kaberi Peak 7000 Karakoram Siachen Ganche

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