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Tarkati Kharmang Baltistan: A brief history of Tarkati Village

Tarkati is a village in District Kharmang, Baltistan. Tarkati village is situated 123 kilometers away from Skardu City in the east. The name Tarkati was given by the Indian Army during the Dogra regime. It comes from two Panjabi words ”Tar” and ”Kati”. The word ”Tar” means “Coal” and Kati means “Breakdown”. 

A Brief History Of Tarkati Kharmang, Gilgit-Baltistan
Tarkati Kharmang, Baltistan

A brief history of Tarkati Kharmang Baltistan

The old name of this village is ”Starghachan”, in the Balti language it means walnut.
This story behind the name has a history of the people of  Humzigone, Sinkarmo and Morol village use to cross Indus River through the ”walnut tree” in the stone age.

Tarkati is located in between the Karakoram and Himalayas Range of mountains in Gilgit-Baltistan, Beside the Indus bank. It is near to the Kargil and Ladakh sector of the Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Tarkati Kharmang, Baltistan


In the East Humzigone village is located, In the West Torgone Valley, In the South Mashing, and in the North Shiriting Valley is located. In the northeast Sinkarmo and in the southwest Olding Kharmang is situated.


The majority of peoples speak Shina language and minority peoples speak Balti language, but both Shina and Balti people of this village can speak both languages as native and Urdu and English are the second languages.


The majority of people in Tarkati are Shina and baltis are the minority over there. The people of this village associated with cultivation. Rear cattle, sheep, and goats. Many youngsters of the village are serving in the Pakistan Army.

The first martyr of Tarkati Valley is Sipahi Muhammad Younus Baig. During the 1999 war between Pakistan and India, many people of this village migrated to other cities of Pakistan, like Skardu, Karachi, Rawalpindi, and other cities

A Brief History Of Tarkati Kharmang, Gilgit-Baltistan
Tarkati Kharmang, Baltistan


The education system here in the Tarkati village started in 1972, under the supervision of the Government of Pakistan.

There was only one middle school just for boys in those days. After the construction of the Government middle school, the youth of Tarkati Valley and the neighbor valley students started getting knowledge from this School. So far the above-mentioned school produced many doctors, engineers, and teachers.

In these days, there are two government high schools are running to educate boys and girls. And two private school systems are offering quality education. Peoples of the Tarkati village are educated and they are working in every field of life. Particularly, in the field of medical and engineering.

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