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The Chaqchan Mosque of Khaplu Baltistan

The Chaqchan Mosque or the Miraculous Mosque” in Balti language is a mosque inside the town of Khaplu, in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The mosque is that the foremost established inside the locale, and dates from when the territory’s people changed over from Buddhism to Islam.

The below article is all about the Khanqah-e-Mualla Chaqchan, extracted from some historical books. The holy mosque is a perfect mixture of Tibetan, Mughal and Persian design. The woodwork is fundamentally lovely and this mosque merits a visit just in case you’re inside the zone.

History of the Chaqchan Mosque

The ancient name of this Chaqchan Mosque was “Ju-Khang” which was called by the Bonpas. This name has become hLa-Khang when the whole populace with their lords grasped into Buddhist confidence.

During the seventh century, this religious community was recreated and modified into a Jami-Masjid when the Noorbakhshi Sufi Muslim pries Mir Syed Ali Hamadani went into Baltistan and presented Islam.

The architecture Style

The architecture sort of the historical Mosque in Khaplu, Gilgit-Baltistan could be a dynamic blend of Persian, Kashmiri and Tibetan engineering, and has represented about 700 years.

As per a couple of sources, the mosque was built by Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani while other states on the looks of Sufi saint Syed Nurbakhsh from Kashmir to Baltistan, the neighborhood administering Raja acknowledged Islam and altered the structure of the mosque in 1370 CE.

In any case, the dating of the last hypothesis repudiates a chronicled source which recommends that the mosque was really developed a really multi-decade before the introduction of Syed Nurbakhsh.

The Government of Pakistan has recorded the Chaqchan Mosque as a Pakistan Heritage Site. The mosque is presently at the present getting used after broad preservation works.

The mosque’s architecture style is analogous to the Roman creation practicum, during which masonry walls that are reasonable for the district’s harsh and cold winter season are constructed.

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