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Gilgit Baltistan: A majestic land of hidden valleys

Gilgit Baltistan is a majestic land of hidden valleys, vast deserts, mountain passes, high and snow-capped mountains, still lochs, monuments to history and culture. If you travel through Gilgit Baltistan, you’ll discover a new world, where nature ‘s beauty is in full bloom.

Raw, natural, unpolluted, enchanting and the beautiful land presents a heavenly scene for the people visiting over here.

Here the air is fresh, the light is soft, the atmosphere is serene and the scenery is romantic in nature. Here, tourists fall in love within valleys, fields, terraces and water channels. Chirping birds’ and the voices of waterfalls are impressive in these serene valleys.

During the summer, the sweet scent of apricot and mulberry trees perfumes the air. The visitors feel quite fresh after reaching these valleys and forget the boring and exhausting life of the modern world.

Gilgit Baltistan, the majestic land of hidden valleys is regarded as heaven on earth for tourists. Four of the top 8000 meter high peaks in the world are located in Baltistan including K2 (8611 m), Broad Peak (8060 m), Hidden Peak (8068 m).

There are hundreds of lofty and snow-capped mountains, including Masha Brum Peak (7821 m), Laila Peak, Trango Tower and K7 Peak inviting the adventure seekers for a mountain expedition.

There are several places including the famous Ghandoghoro Pass (5600 m), attracting people for a memorable trekking trip. While long and gigantic glaciers such as Baltoro glacier (58 km), Hisper glacier (59 km), Biafo glacier (59 km), Bilafond and Siachen glacier (74 km) – (the largest outside the polar region in the world) legitimize this area ‘s significance.

These are just a few reasons why the majestic lands of Gilgit Baltistan attract thousands of visitors from all over the world, time and time again during the summer season.

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