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Why You Should Visit Skardu Once In Your Life

Well, you should visit Skardu once in your life because you will discover a new world wherein nature’s beauty expresses itself in all its fresh, organic, unpolluted, and enchanting bloom.

Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan is the land of majestic mountains where the non – polluted and unseen valleys pose a view of perfection and this is why the natural masterpiece is called the most scenic majestic beauty of the world.

Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan is indeed a land of beautiful valleys with stunning panoramic views, gigantic mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, streams, plateaus, calm lakes, organic valleys and serene surroundings that attract lovers of adventure and nature to the region.

There was a time when thousands of domestic and international visitors, trekkers, mountain climbers and nature enthusiasts visit and enjoy Baltistan’s beautiful tourist spots but the influx of mountaineers and visitors has fallen drastically caused by government lack of interest.

The beautiful valleys of Skardu and other tourist hotspots such as Shigar, Hushey, Siachen, Concordia, Baltoro and Deosai are the familiar names for visitors whether they stay in Pakistan or somewhere else.

But there are so many unexplored beautiful places in the Kharmang district, Roundu district, Chhorbat Baltistan that must be properly explored and endorsed as tourist attractions. Baltistan is a land of peace and nature; its dwellers are talented, peace-loving and hospitable.

In these serene valleys, chirping of birds and the sounds of waterfalls are remarkable. In the summer, the sweet fragrance of apricot and mulberry trees perfumes the air. Here the air is clean, the light is pale, the environment is peaceful and the scenery is poetic in nature.

Deosai National Park, which is home to hundreds of different colors of mountain flowers, herbs and shrubs and wild species that invites researchers and nature lovers to explore the beauty of the region.

Deosai Plains of Skardu is the must-visit National Park once in your life. In Skardu, the famous River Indus invites adventurers for Kayaking and rafting from all over the world. 

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