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Skardu Valley: The beautiful land of peace and nature

Skardu Valley, The beautiful land of peace and nature offers a cool and bracing climate for visitors. Skardu Valley is the regional headquarter and the commercial center of Baltistan is located on the bank of the River Indus at the height of 7,500 feet above sea level. 

Skardu Valley: the summer place 

In summer, it attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world particularly mountain climbers who arrive in the Skardu valley to scale the highest peaks including K-2 (Chogori) and trek on glaciers.

Tourists enjoy warm and sunny days of summers and explore spectacular alpine valleys and enjoy local culture and hospitality.

Skardu Valley is linked with Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, by Pakistan International Airlines and the all seasonal Skardu– Gilgit Road and the amazing Karakoram Highway.

Beautiful valleys of Skardu

Some of Skardu Valley’s beautiful tourist attractions include Kharpocho Fort, Mindoq Khar, Sadpara Dam, Kachura Lakes, Deosai Plateau, and Manthal Buddha rock, Sundus, Katpana, Hussainabad, Nangsoq, Basho, Shigri Bala, Tandal and Chunda valley are also popular summer tourist spots.

Deosai National Park of Skardu Valley

Deosai is considered the second-highest plains in the world, is a major attraction at an altitude of more than 13,000 feet. The vast plains stretching to several thousand square kilometers are renowned for their abundant flora and fauna.

Deosai is home to rare brown bears, ibex, red fox, golden marmots, wildflowers and several different butterflies.

The marvelous Sheosar lake in Deosai gives its visitors a spectacular view and environment to relax and enjoy its freezing crystal clear water.

Hussainabad Valley 

Hussainabad Valley is an adjacent village of Skardu Town towards the east. It is considered a model village with reference to Social Developments and Community based Reforms.

In Hussainabad Valley, tourists can enjoy Jinnah Park with a peaceful atmosphere. A cultural and historical heritage museum was also established in this area. Another place of tourist attraction in this area is an upper village called “Ispicho.”

The Organic Village

There is a small organic village situated just behind the Kharpocho Hill with at least an hour’s walking distance. Without traffic, it is a very peaceful place and visitors can enjoy the shades of old Chinar Trees planted around the flowing spring.

This was maintained as an ecological village by Aga Khan Rural Support Program demonstrating the conventional ways of living and farming.

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