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Katisho Baltistan: The majestic land of huge mountains

A four-hour drive from Skardu City, there is a region, close to Desai plains, between lush green and high mountains, which locals call Katisho Baltistan: The majestic land of huge mountains. This area is also known as Mehdiabad Nullah Katisho.

Katisho Baltistan consists of many small and large villages. The total population of this area is about six thousand. The language of this region is Balti.

Katisho Baltistan: The majestic land of huge mountains
Katisho Khas

Natural Beauty of Katisho Baltistan

Katisho Baltistan is rich in beautiful and delicious springs of nature. This area has a unique style of flowers; the whole area is fragrant with the fragrance of flowers in the spring season. The Deosai National Park (one of the world’s largest and highest plains) is also located in the area near Dapa Valley.

Katisho Baltistan: The majestic land of huge mountains
Chatpa Valley

The Soil of this area is bi-crop and fertile. After wheat barley is also cultivated. Peas, carrots, radishes, turnips, potatoes and other vegetables are produced here. Natural herbs exist in large numbers, the world’s finest gemstones and mineral pitch are also found in the area.

Peoples of Katisho Baltistan

Most of the people here are engaged in farming and animal husbandry. The people here are very kind and hardworking, pious, decent and simple. Herding is was a regular occupation here in the past, in which a herd of goats is grazed all day long.

Scholars are friendly and hospitable; religiosity is part of the society here. General programs of Qur’an recitation and Quranic competitions are held a few times a year.

Katisho Baltistan: The majestic land of huge mountains
Chtapa Valley

Education in Katisho Baltistan

Due to the lack of proper sources of modern education in the region, a large number of people started migrating from here and migrated to different cities of the country. Especially many people came and settled in Skardu City, Karachi and Islamabad.

There are now some schools up to the middle class in Katisho Baltistan, but the existence of a few schools in such a large population is equal to none.


The people of Katisho Baltistan are very hospitable. If someone’s loved one returns home, all the villagers invite the guest to their homes. Along with this guest, the village elders and religious scholars are also invited and this invitation becomes a big party tribute to the guest with the utmost respect.

The people here consider the words uttered by the scholars as advice and education for themselves.

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