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Mehdiabad Valley: The beautiful land of Kharmang Baltistan

Mehdiabad Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys of the district Kharmang in Gilgit Baltistan. The old name of Mehdiabad was Parkuta which was later changed to Mehdiabad by Sheikh Hassan Mehdi on the occasion of the birth of Imam Mehdi (as) in 1982. 

This beautiful Valley is located 62 km east of Skardu city. It has five famous valleys including (Serling, Doqbar, Mehdiabad Khas, Bedong and Pandah Village).

Below is a brief detail of Mehdiabad Valley: The beautiful land of District Kharmang Baltistan’s Important and historical places. 

Mehdiabad Valley
Mehdiabad Valley

Ghabgi Stagho (A Huge Gate) in Mehdiabad Valley

In ancient times, the entire population of Mahdi lived on the Khangpi Toq (stone mound) and there was a gate for five hundred families named ”Ghabgi Stagho” used to say. This gate was very strong and heavy, which nine people would open and close together.

But a few years ago, this historic door was torn down due to superstition. Adjacent to this gate was an artificial pond (called Nima Sil). This pond was built as a precautionary measure in case of emergency and fire.

Lchangra of Mehdiabad Valley

Lchangra in Balti language stands for an enclosure of Willow plant in Baltistan where the village elders convene to discuss issues. In front of the above-sited door, there were two huge sized willow plants (Shingle in Balti).

Under these Plants, the village elders used to negotiate and decide on their administrative, defense, political, economic and collective issues. This place was like an assembly in the past.

Ghadeer Town, Mehdiabad
Mehdiabad Valley

Khra Tangmi Fongs (Name of A rock)

There is a big rock on the hill opposite to Khangpi Toq. In ancient times, hunters used to release Falcons from this rock to hunt waterfowl and other birds from the Indus River, that’s why this rock is known as ”Khra Tangmi Fongs”.

Teng Khong Zhar and Panma Zhar 

In the era of the Dogra regime, soldiers used to practice archery at these places, targeting arrows from Teng Khong Zhar (Kaman Bagh) to Panma Zhar (Nishan Bagh).

Polo Ground in Mehdiabad Valley

There was a big polo ground in Serling Valley, where the polo match of kings and ministers used to take place but now on this polo ground, the Marafie Foundation Pakistan has built an excellent hospital for the treatment of the people and treats the patients of the area for free.

Mehdiabad Valley
Mehdiabad Valley

Education in Mehdiabad Valley

Mehdiabad holds a special place in terms of education, politics, religion and civilization and great personalities like Sheikh Hassan Mehdiabadi, Haji Wazir Muhammad Sadiq, Wazir Shakeel and Sheikh Ghulam Haider emerged from this land and rendered great services to the region of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Mehdiabad Valley

Mehdiabad Valley has been the center of Baltistan in terms of Islamic civilization and culture. After graduating from these madrasas, thousands of students are currently pursuing higher education in Iran and Iraq, and many scholars have graduated from Qom and Najaf Ashraf to preach Islam and provide religious services in different parts of mainland Pakistan. 

Sheikh Hassan Mehdiabadi

Sheikh Hassan Mehdiabad was a visionary leader. He registered these institutions in the name of Muhammadia Trust Pakistan and appointed Sheikh Ghulam Hussain Muqaddas as his successor in the trust for the protection and betterment of these universities and Darul Quran.

This area was made the cradle of Islamic education by Sheikh Hassan Mehdi, that’s why students from all over Baltistan came here to get Islamic education from his Madrasa. 

The demise of the late Sheikh Hassan Mahdi was a great loss for Mahdiabad but God filled this gap through Sheikh Ghulam Hussain Muqaddas.

Notable Peoples of Mehdiabad Valley

The other great personality of Mehdiabad was Wazir Mohammad Sadiq. He made Mehdiabad a center of modern education. Students from the region used to come here for modern education.

After graduating from this knowledge center, many personalities such as Syed Asad Zaidi, Haji Akbar Taban, Wazir Farman, Haji Ghulam Mehdi have done great jobs and services in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Mehdiabad Valley

Due to the tireless efforts and sincerity of Sheikh Muqaddas, Muhammadia Trust has made tremendous progress but no one has been able to fill the gap of lack of Minister Sadiq. This is the reason why Mehdiabad has been suffering from political decline for many years.

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