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Pakistan and India are in the midst of a major skirmish

Right now the world’s biggest activity is the rapid escalation of hostilities between Pakistan and India. Today, Pakistan shot down two Indian aircraft, and an Indian pilot was captured by Pakistan. The border situations are fairly alarming.

This comes after each other’s airstrikes on the area. There are now accounts of intense gunfire exchanges in the Kashmir area along the Line of Control.

The good news is that in a televised address Pakistani Prime Minister Khan spoke of a wish to avoid war: “I’m talking to India: we need to use wisdom and sagacity,” he said. “All major wars were due to miscalculation.

“My question to India is, considering the weapons that we have, can we risk miscalculations? “he added:” By dialog, we can solve our problems”.

Pakistan and India are in the midst of a major skirmish
Prime Minister Imran Khan

PAF shoots two Indian Jets down; catches a pilot alive

Pakistan shot down two aircraft belonging to the Indian Air Force ( IAF). The dogfight took place when the Indian jets crossed the Line of Control and entered the airspace in Pakistan.

One of the jets fell inside the Kashmir area of Azad and Jammu, while the other fell inside Kashmir occupied by Indians. Pakistan Air Force succeeded in capturing one of the pilots, while two were in the area.

Pakistan picked six targets as a response to yesterday’s violation of Pakistani airspace by India, according to DG ISPR. The targets were not military and were chosen to ensure no loss of life or further escalation would occur. All six were targeted with success this morning.

“Such an answer suits a mature nation and India has left us no choice but to prove our mettle. At the same time, our target selection shows that we are a responsible nation.’

Two Indian jets were scrambled as a response to the strikes and as they reached the LoC they were shot down in self-defense by PAF. “Both countries have capabilities but war means policy failure. “We call on India to have a dialogue of peace so that this issue can be resolved.”

Captured Indian Pilot Praises Pakistan Army

The captured Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan can be seen in a recently released video putting ‘it on record’ that Pakistan Army’s treatment with him was quite impressive and professional.

He said that he was well looked after and thanked the officials of the Pakistan Army by saying they were detailed gentlemen, beginning with ‘the captain who rescued him.’ When asked to describe the aircraft he was flying, IAF pilot said, “I’m sorry, I’m not supposed to tell you this, but I’m sure you’ve found the documents.” He also refused to comment on the nature of his mission, and he was not forced to do so.

In response to many appeals from the Indian side, DG ISPR tweeted confirming that the captured pilot was being handled in compliance with military ethics requirements.“Being custody of the Pakistan Army, there is only one pilot. Wing Comd Abhinandan is treated in accordance with military ethics standards

International airlines are suspending flights to Pakistan because of the closure of airspace

Pakistan has shut down its airspace amid growing tension with neighboring India. A notification was provided by the Civil Aviation Authority ( CAA), informing about the close.

The authority has claimed in a tweet that Pakistan has “officially closed its airspace until further notice.” However, the Pakistani military spokesman has said the closure decision was taken “because of the climate.”

“Say no to war” is trending in both countries

India’s war hysteria has led to an earlier Wednesday invasion of Pakistani airspace. The uncalled-for aggressive act was met with retaliation as two Indian jets were struck down by Pakistan Air Force earlier today.
While those escalations may lead to a full-scale war, efforts are on the rise to promote peace talks. People have begun trending # SayNoToWar on social media in a bid to urge governments to resolve the matter diplomatically rather than war.

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