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How many festivals celebrated in Gilgit Baltistan

Well, there are many festivals celebrated in Gilgit Baltistan by specific sects or in certain regions of Gilgit Baltistan. These are historical festivals and celebrations in Gilgit Baltistan, particularly in the Baltistan region. These are a great way to experience the Gilgit Baltistan culture. 

Spring Festivals in Gilgit Baltistan

Every year in Khaplu, Ghanche and Shigar districts of Baltistan, the spring festivals begin after the Pakistan Day on March 21. The district administration collaborated with the local tourism department during this festival to organize various sports tournaments such as freestyle polo, football, hockey, volleyball, cricket, rock climbing, and rafting competition.

A large number of spectators come to witness these sports competitions from different parts of Baltistan. Aside from sports events, this festival also features ancient folk dances with traditional music.

Folk Story hearing Gilgit Baltistan

Winter season is severely cold in Baltistan, during which the mercury falls down to minus 27 degrees Celsius. People face a lot of problems due to a shortage of fuel in this season.  The high ups used to move to the down cities to beat the cold, the general public has no alternative but to face cold and various other winter-related problems.

Following their old tradition, most of the people living in rural areas still pass the long and cold nights by listening to folk stories gathering in a house. The “Kisar epicis the most favorite among all, which according to the people have twelve chapters and each chapter is required one night to end. 

At such occasions, people especially young arrange to slaughter a Yak or Zho (cross of Yak and Cow) for eating meat together. In some remote parts of Baltistan, people still share their abodes with animals to keep their bodies warm when several meters of snow are received in the area.

Folk Music and Dances 

Nowadays typical Balti music with traditional dances can be seen only on special occasions like Pakistan Day, spring festivals, summer festivals. Silk Route festivals and on some wedding ceremonies in all the four districts of Baltistan.  

The classical Baltii music and dances are also a combination of Tibetan, Mughal, and Persian influence. The most popular music of  Baltistan is called Harib which has above sixty different forms. In traditional dances, sword dance is the most favorite dance of Baltistan. 

In this dance, the dancers perform their art holding swords in their hands on the tune of music.  There are several kinds of sword dance which are known as Chhogho Prasol, Gashopa, Sneopa and Thenkar. Moreover, some other famous dances are, Furgon Kar or Pigeon dance, Churukpa Hlango Kar or Fairy dance and Sholi and each dance has a historical background.

Jash-e-Ghanche Polo Tournament in Baltistan

Ghanche Festival promotes traditional games. Another highlight of the “Jashn-e-Ghanche” was the traditional Balti skit, “Sken Chin Bargam”. Jashn-e-Ghanche (Ghanche Festival) Khaplu Baltistan. A variety of festivals held in Gilgit-Baltistan throughout the year present a unique feature of its cultural

Silk Route Festival Gilgit Baltistan

Festival on the Roof of the world where natural environs, landscape, a privileged location in the highest mountains of the world, breathtaking spectacles of sheer scenic beauty, wildlife and nature, awe-inspiring snow peaks, glittering glaciers, serene valleys of lush green foliage and fruits, gleaming and scintillating streams of unpolluted water, a rich diversity of people, culture, folklore, arts, crafts and heritage, await you.

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