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Union Council Katisho Baltistan: A brief history

Union Council Katisho of District Kharmang is situated in the north of Skardu City. The Union Council Katisho is composed of 12 valleys. Dapa, Katisho, Chatpa, Nooldo, Sundo, Tolti Broq, Balti Khar, Mallawa, Shamail, Kangulchhu, Quliwa and Koltor with most individuals communicating in the language Balti. 

A brief history of Union Council Katisho
Katisho Khas

Union Council Katisho, a brief history 

The historical backdrop of Katisho returns to Buddhism before Islam. 400 years back, most of the individuals here were Buddhists. later on, every one of them converted Islam. This particular zone was considered as a significant place when Baltistan was not linked to Rawalpindi via the Karakoram Highway (KKH).

The occupants of Katisho used to give adequate nutritional items to Karmang in 1948 when the battle occurred between Indian soldiers and Mujahideen at Mehdiabad. The peoples of Union Council Katisho were a definitive supplier of a wide range of apportions to the soldiers and outcasts who originated from (Parkuta) Mehdiabad.

Chatpa Valley
Chatpa Valley

Natural Beauty of Union Council Katisho

Deliberately, the Union Council Katisho is one of the most significant zones in the Baltistan district. Unfortunately, this region has been repeatedly disregarded by the chosen governments again and again up until now.

Union Council Katisho has more to offer than simply the land area and the landscape. In summer, this region is designed by rich and vivid blossoms with a lot of lavish green grass. The soil of the Katisho is coarse in nature as it is a blend of stones of various sizes. The area is probably the coldest zone in northern Pakistan. This area is home to the Himalayan Brown Bear too.

District kharmang 

Kharmang District has numerous little towns like Katisho. Mehdibad (Parkuta) Valley is the capital of Kharmang and the biggest town of kharmang District. Current Chief Justice of Supreme Appellate Court Justice Wazir Shakeel Ahmed also hails from Mehdiabad Of District Kharmang.

A brief history of Union Council Katisho
Dapa Valley

The population of Union Council Katisho

The population of the Union Council Katisho is around 5500. However, due to the non-existence of government hospitals, educational institutions, schools, and other basic life needs, most people have moved to urban communities such as Skardu, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi.


The employment of most of its populace is farming and semi-skilled labor working abroad and urban areas of Pakistan. This area is wealthy in natural life. A wide range of winged creatures can be found over here.

Deosai National Park

Deosai plains are associated with Katisho for quite a long time, particularly during the late spring season when they take all of their animals to Deosai for grazing. The people here produce the highest quality of Ghee (Butter) which is acclaimed throughout Baltistan.

Deosai Plains

Deosai: The Summer Place

Deosai National Park is nearby (Dapa Valley). Close to Deosai National Park, Dapa Valley is nearly 14000 feet from sea level. Deosai is a mixture of two Balti words; local people say ‘Deo’ (monster) and ‘Sai’ (shadow) mean ‘The land of giants.’

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Balti people call Deosai (Ghbiarsa) in Balti language mean (Summer Place) this is because Deosai is only open in summer. Owing to heavy snowfall, no one can cross the territory in winter. According to local people, the temperature here at Deosa drops to-50 degrees Celsius in winter

Deosai National Park is famous for its huge fields secured with rich wild grass, wonderful blossoms and various lakes. The “Sheosar Lake’ is a great place for an outing in summer.

Zgobraq Glacier

In addition, there is a large glacier near the “Dapa Valley of Union Council Katisho” known as the “Zgobraq Glacier.” This glacier has not yet been conquered by anyone. There is also another glacier near the Zgobraq Glacier named the “Sheesha Stor” Glacier, which is the source of water to Katisho, Mehdiabad, Manthokha, and Skardu.

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