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Abbas Anand: A Talented Blind Singer

Abbas Anand is a talented blind singer, belonging to the beautiful (Sermik village) near Mehdiabad Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan is a great blind singer with amazing vocal skills. The talented singer Abbas Anand is very famous in youth. 

Singer Abbas Anand is a sharp mind blind singer and extraordinary performer in singing with amazing vocal abilities. He’s never been to any school, never read a single word but look at the way he is singing.

He is a great singer, he can play the piano, flute, and harmonium as well. Once he said, I am Blind. But I can see what you people cannot. 

In the below link, he is singing a Ghazal. Check it out

He is such a talented and extraordinary performer, Abbas has more depth to his voice when he sings his modulation, clarity and his magical voice enters in everyone’s heart.

The thing that amazes us that this guy has never gone to any school or never saw any book but has learned English commentary on cricket, playing piano and other things by purely listening skills.

Abbas lives in a small village called “Sermik” near Skardu Mehdiabad. We should encourage and highlight his talent in a proper way.

According to sources, Abbas Anand will soon be launching his first song album.

We salute you for bringing smiles to our lives.



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